"Mindfulness For All is the real thing!"

Dr David McMurtry, Co-founder of the M.Sc. Studies in Mindfulness, University of Aberdeen

Mindfulness is present-moment awareness of one's thoughts, feelings, actions and environment, with a quality of non-judgmental openness.


At it’s best, mindfulness is a way of life that enables us to live more fully by simply becoming the observer of our mind, rather than being absorbed in or reacting to every thought. We can accept our feelings and bodily sensations as they arise.


Why practice mindfulness?


There is a vast amount of research that the practice of mindfulness can help us to move from being reactive to being responsive. Rather than being slaves to our habitual patterns, assumptions and expectations, we become more able to choose how to meet our lives, whatever comes our way.


Whether we are struggling with anxiety, depression, addictions, or physical illness, research has shown time and again that mindfulness can help.





We offer 8-week workshops to introduce the principles and simple techniques of mindfulness to individuals, groups and organisations.  Contact us or visit our Workshops page to find out more.




This simple awareness-raising technique – which is accessible to each and every one of us right now – can transform our experience of being in the world.


Mindfulness is changing the lives of many.  See how it can benefit you.

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Mindfulness training can be delivered in a group or one-to-one. For more information on upcoming group trainings and events  or enquiries about individual mindfulness coaching please get in touch.


We would love to hear from you.



Our priority is to provide a beneficial, quality service for all who access it, irrespective of their financial situation.


Our approach is grounded in a ​deep respect for human nature and its innate capacity for healing, resilience,

adaptability, and growth.


for all

"Mindfulness for All - great people to relax, reflect, be creative and learn about yourself with."


Dr Terry Hanley, Programme Director of the Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, University of Manchester

"Mindfulness for All is inspirational work that reflects the heartfelt compassion of the founders, Gareth and Ann. Supporting people to meet challenges and find increasing levels of contentment, well-being and happiness, the project makes it possible for anyone, regardless of their circumstances, to learn mindfulness, supported by highly qualified and effective teachers and therapists. Mindfulness for All is the real thing!"


Dr David McMurtry, Co-founder of the M.Sc. Studies in Mindfulness, University of Aberdeen


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